Fighting security threats in a growing complex world

As our world becomes more digitally connected and drives businesses to become more productive, it simultaneously generates challenges for those entrusted to protect these dynamically changing networks and systems. These challenges can make it difficult for security practitioners to filter out the noise and remember what's really important. Organizations need to map out current prevention and detection capabilities, understand their current attack surface and be one step ahead.

APT (Advanced Persistent Threat)

through purple teaming methodology

Improve SecOps by controlled simulations of known attacks and showing the Data that is hidden from sight. Therefore mapping out current prevention and detection capabilities.

Attack surface visibility

Get a good understanding of the assets that may be affected by a breach, map out your network infrastructure, including interconnections with other organizations. That will give the team a clearer understanding of the present state. Attacks on networks largely take advantage of three categories: vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and weak/stolen credentials. Taking stock of your network, including remote workers and cloud services, can help identify room for improvement, such as network segmentation or privileged access management.